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Hello world! service

I currently hold a strong knowledge on NodeJs and overall with the MERN stack to the point in which I sometimes think about what service to create next but always end up failing.

However!, I have always found interesting how my brain works when it comes to computers. Computers are usually stupid and can not understand shit unless you tell them one-line-at-a-time due to this I think most of the programmers and I are stupid apart from a big lack of social skills xD.

The conclusion given by that, is…….yes, I’m stupid but that does not stop me from being creative!. Right now I think it is time for me to create a second project using MERN and obviously will continue improving beFree since that’s my first baby project and there’s still a lot of crap that needs to be improved(not really), specially after the latest blog of React which I think is for the better.

I currently have two(3 but secrets it’s not a need) projects in mind; whichever I choose to create first will make a big difference in starting the second one but in the end I think no matter which one it is, its going to make me a better programmer and will eventually be part of my portfolio as well. Keep reading and perhaps tell me what you think???.

Brainstorming a service idea…

It is not unknown that someone like me might be considered a full-stack developer since I work with both front and back end technologies due to Universities having a poor curriculum(with extra uneccessary shit added to them; history; math; technical physics, you say, etc) which is the whole reason I’m thinking of this:


I have wanted to make a second version of secrets with all the good stuff that is usually hard when learning a new database system: filtering, sorting, searching, authentication and pagination. All of this, of course I learned while coding beFree but knowing that secrets received a very good and welcoming feedback from Reddit, it was still my first project and not something I really wanted to create; it was created due to me wanting to test the waters of how good I grasped? the concepts on Hooks which was something that was recently released back in that time.


I have this small idea to create an app which provides an url-shortening service which will give the user the opportunity to create said shortUrls and store them in MongoDB if he/she decides to register in the application.

This will obviously have authentication but its going to be optional for the users who only want to use the service but will force them to look through every single entry to find the ones created by them.

The only advantage of registered users is a quicker way to find their own stuff. I mean every single user is unique and will only need to provide their URL: www.example.com/shorturls?user=ID. to the backend for it to do its magic.

The time that I’m expecting to create this is about 3-4 weeks; the first week creating the back-end and then the rest of the time to design a React website for it. I might go with the Fetch API also….maybe.


This is what I call the big-boy and one that has been on my head for a long ass time; you could say that it is going to be a clone of these two websites: Codepen.io and Bootsnipp.com.

The main service or the purpose you might say is to provide an online editor for front-end developers. Both of these websites provide a HTML and a CSS editor with the difference being Codepen gives you an extra textarea for JavaScript which I think is cool; these two display a frame in which you can see the live changes you make in the editors also.

Breaking it down…

Firs thing first, I will probably have to use an eventListener to be used by all the inputs received. The one I first though about was using onChange but then I did my research and found out onKeyUp might be the best to fit my needs. However, some developers argue that onKeyUp might not be good

because if a user inputs a value using autofill, it will not get fired…….if you want to check data after every key press, you could combine keyup() and change(), which would allow you to parse the data on both events. This is the best of both worlds in my opinion

Drazzah from a StackOverflow Q

Although I myself don’t find much of a difference, mainly because I know the onChange event is triggered when a field has changed and the only way to stop it, is to click anywhere outside of X input, the same could be said of onKeyUp, the event is triggered after the character has been typed in X field; so basically is about the same shit lol.

There are standards to follow in the software development community but when it comes to this and personal projects, I usually just don’t give a fuck and work on them as I please following the techniques I want also.

I love this guy xD:

That is it for this post. Bye-Bye and have a good night! 🙂 .

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