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Damn, I can not believe Blogger is really alive. I remember my blog that I used to have back in 2011 when I was starting out on this shit. If not mistaken the URL was otaku-legion.blogpost.com. It was horrible but I remember posting software packages to download for free that were popular back in the day; thankfully all the packages that I put were always free of viruses and that makes me proud!.

Customizing it was simple with its three sections in which you could put little gadgets to make it more personal. Some of these gadgets were simple but I remember I used to love the HTML/JavaScript one as I always used it to put clocks, animated clocks on it that always made some noise when hovering over them or the better ones, custom mouse pointers when visiting the blog. I now find them stupid and unnecessary lol. 😂😂

I guess in the end, the reason of moving from Blogger was being more curious about PHP and the so many programming languages out there that I’m looking to learn lol. Not to mention something that I really hated and continue to hate was not being able to create dynamic menus!; I did not like having to go into the editor in order to create a single anchor every time I created a new page.

To my very own surprise I just found out there is a Mexican guy who is pretty much an expert in Blogger and probably he is the reason why so many people still use Blogger in Mexico as a blogging platform. Check out his website at zKreations.


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