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MERN has been the coolest stack to learn but saying it is easy to learn it, would be a lie.

I’ve noticed that in order to avoid/fix bugs, you need to have the Devtools console open at all times. A problem with using these new technologies is the frequency in which they receive upgrades as well; React, a good example, moved from classes to hooks to render its components in the Front-End. Not long ago I was so used to not worrying about stuff like that when using my favorite PHP frameworks; this feeling seems that it has come to an end.

Creating a decent application will have you installing a lot of dependencies, I mean a lot!. Axios, React Router Dom, React Redux and Mongoose are among the most popular ones chosen by developers; so be prepared when typing create-react-app because you will end up with tons of stuff you will never need.

As far as I’m concerned the one I like the most is Fragment which is just a dependency that allows you to wrap your code within itself in order to avoid classless divs; I mean nobody like those, right?

Out of that, I’m really enjoying the time I spend coding on MERN which by the end of the day will make me more valuable when looking for jobs and besides I currently have two projects in mind to use with this stack but those are coming later on and obviously will run on some cloud server such as OpenShift, Modulus.io or Digital Ocean(I’ll probably go for this one).

Before letting you go, anytime you wish to create any type of feature, you will end up creating a reducer, an action and a component . Not that hard to learn, right?:

Reducer -> Action -> Component

I’m sure you will create amazing apps with MERN.

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