I really can not believe it’s been almost 4 months since my last post.

By then everything was still normal, no restrictions, no unemployment and no expensive delays of paying rent.

Everyone were focusing on their lives without knowing something drastic was about to change us in someway or another. This, this is the COVID19 virus.

What is like?

Since then, many industries have temporarily closed their doors and unfortunately some others are going to be forever closed. However the food industry is strong as it is considered essential to our government.

Thankfully, I’m working as a Receiving Clerk in a company that works with food; for that, I’m grateful to my boss and to God. Sadly we’re going to be closing by the end of May. Life is full of challenges xD.

School went totally online. Assignments are to be done by computer and the due dates have been extremely extended after the original date; something that I find appealing since overall, I’m a very lazy person. Kudos to my school!.

What it’s been of me

This COVID19 quarantine has made me very aware of my surroundings and mental health also, I realized that I can not keep up with the believe of “strong marriages stay strong because X this or Y that”. The Bible has made the woman somehow dumb and afraid of the ‘Lord’ when it comes to be with a partner for the rest of their lives. It is said that a man is the heir of the house but what if he is totally useless, does not work and only cares about sports and talking to his friends?.

Ironically I know what is like to be living in an environment like that and I’m afraid to tell her that she needs to divorce him. For now, I’m just hoping life will help her realize her worth and what she needs to do with her own self-esteem.

Regarding programming, I’m fresh or that’s what I say to myself, I used to code almost everyday, now I’m doing it only during the weekends and about 1hr per day. I just don’t find myself attracted to it anymore.

Moreover I got myself a new computer with the peripherals that I have always wanted for a long time. Take a look:

Here it is the list of every single peripheral you see in the picture:

There’s nothing more other than to keep going and just hope for the better.

Remember to read some of my previous posts regarding programming and whatever I feel like to by clicking on the thubmnails below or just some random clicks on this one:

God bless and Bye-Bye 🙂 🙂 🙂

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