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Hello world!

Hello guys!. This is Kevin and I’m the actual owner of this website.

I’m not a big talker but here you will get to know me more in depth. Everything from my hobbies to simple stuff such as complaining about life in general, etc. I have always believed that ‘never stop learning’ is the best way of thinking in this age.

Normally my days are spent with me in front of the computer reading code in StackOverflow or coding myself personal projects. My favorite programming language is PHP since its has been too easy for me to learn it and because I’ve been doing it already for a very long time!.

I’m currently a CompTIA A+ CE technician but I consider myself more as a programmer since that is what attracts me the most. Perhaps it will change in the future but while it gets here I’m going to continue programming, programming and programming.

So far if I’m not mistaken I created an about page in which I describe myself more in depth and I explain many more stuff about why I’m here and what my future plans are when it comes to programming. Feel free to check it and give me some feedback if you guys don’t mind.

So… Hello World!.Peace out, that’s it for today and don’t forget to share this post with your friends. Also I love anime!. Anime is cool and everyone should watch it.

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