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Front End of ciConnector homepage

After working in this project for the past several months, I can say ciConnector is finally finished.

It is an application with the purpose of gathering all kinds of developers to share the projects they have built. The categories varies from PHP, C, C++ to even Java so you will not feel obligated to just CodeIgniter projects.

ciConnector is divided in three sections. A social network that comes with some nice features; an easy to use job board that helps you fetch positions by categories; a projects page in which you can find all the projects shared by the registered users.

Also a really nice feature from the social network is that you can update your account with a set of skills and make it possible for the rest of users to find you by those skills. Out of that, the social network section comes with the news feed, a following system and photos you can upload to your profile.

If you feel like wanting to know more about ciConnector, click here or go straight to visit ciConnector!. I decided to create some credentials for you to use in the app (you can find them below); for some reason the hosting service in which I’m hosting it, the mail function is disabled resulting in failed email deliveries.

Finding the app to be interesting makes me happy. Please share any feedback you might have with me by sending an email at kebin1421@hotmail.com.

username: john.doe

password: 123456789

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