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QoS capable Routers
QoS capable routers

Have you ever wanted to stream a movie or play a videogame to a service such as YouTube or Twitch?. If you said yes, you have heard about the minimum Mbps required to be able to stream online. You need to have at least 20Mbp but what happens when you’re not able to meet those needs? That’s when QoS comes into play.

QoS comes with almost every router out there and it is very useful when your house works with Wi-Fi. It is the place where you can manage the bandwidth that every device in your house uses. Normally every device receives the same amount of Gbs unless a device is wired thus making it the fastest one. Now QoS is a great tool to use but many don’t even know what it is or how to use it. That’s why I will say it right now!. The only time in which you should be using this tool is when you’re streaming a service online and/or when you’re wanting to screw your little kids Internet to put them to study.

Usually all of the devices that uses your Wi-Fi fight against each other like crazy beasts, you can not see it physically but you can feel it when surfing the web. For example, when downloading a heavy file from the Internet, it will most likely require a lot of bandwidth while your other services such as YouTube, Netflix or VoIP will give you a headache as they will suffer from a big deterioration of bandwidth, thus resulting in the thing that I hate the most, lag.

Fortunately there are a lot of QoS capable routers to buy if you don’t already have one. One brand that is well known is LinkSys….I hope you get one for you.

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