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The Importance of Having a Website

To celebrate my willingness to write a post about having a website instead of doing my school assignments, I will order you to share this post even if you don’t find it useful.

What is a website?

A website is an online platform in which everything you post is -usually – public, is a place to get yourself out there and be known to the readers interested in your lifestyle and personality. YouTube, per example, could be categorized as a modern blogging platform in which you let people into your personal diary and can easily interact with you or between them if that’s the final goal.

Traditional blogging articles such as my blog page can still be interesting as long as there are useful posts. Let’s put it this way, I think of myself as a decent programmer, not the best one nor the worst one but even after thinking – that – I know there are other programmer who are actually better than me and could easily create my programs with less lines of code and if they want they could have a lot of traffic coming towards their sites. So why bothering am I right, right? 🙂 xD.

The thing with having a blog is the desire to contribute to the community to an extent. Let’s say, maybe using it to sell yourself to potential employers?; to help enrich the developers community and share information with them such as tutorials?; maybe both?. The conclusion of this article is to say ‘yes, you need a website‘ but I would like to ask you the why you want it before creating one also.

Don’t feel compelled to have it just because you have seen all of the other good programmers have one. If you feel like writing and you do enjoy it, then yes, go for it. Otherwise don’t bother! because paying a domain and a hosting service is not cheap 🙁 .

A blog is a tool to keep track of what you have learnt so far. If nobody reads it, who cares! 🙂

Kevin Uriel Fonseca

That’s everything I have to say. Feel free to share this article if you found it useful.



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